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For wedding planning in that NE kind of place

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Wedding planning and co-op in New England
This is a community / sewing circle / support group / wedding co-op for brides and grooms to be and recently wedded couples in the New England (MA, RH, NH, ME, VT, CT) area.

We hope to provide advice on vendors, locations, and assistance for traditional and non-traditional couples trying to plan and pull off their ideal wedding without losing their minds.

There are a few basic rules:

Please be respectful of those who post in this community. This community isn't about proving whose budget is bigger or smaller, whose wedding is whiter (or blacker, or redder, or purpler), who is the biggest freak (grammar, organizational, leather or otherwise). It's about banding together to help other individuals. Let's keep this a drama-free zone, please.

Intro survey (recommended, not required)

Your mods are olivetree and adistar. They can be reached at olivetree AT livejournal.com and adi00 AT mac.com, respectively.

We recommend that new members check out our tags page, and especially our advice tag.
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