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intro post

Name:  Tracy
Age:  28
Wed-day:  Summer 2010
Wed-partner:  Scott
Wed-place:  Connecticut
Wed-deets: Think we're just going to get married at my parent's house. they live on a lake, so it will be really lovely. I'm probably most excited about my dress, and I need advice.

I can't decide if I should do the trendy/vintage thing and do a mermaid style, or if I should embrace the moment, and wear a big white ballgown. I posted images here, http://forums.weddingchannel.com/main.as
px/general-wedding-planning-topics_bridal-fashion_dress let me know what you think!
Rhode Island is the sole state in New England to not have marriage equality as the law of the land. Marriage Equality Rhode Island will be hosting a rally today at the statehouse demanding the legislature act to pass marriage before the legislative session ends.

Saturday, June 6
Rhode Island Statehouse
12:00 pm


wgby auction

WGBY is Springfield, MA's local PBS affiliate, and every year they have a fundraising auction. I was checking out what they were offering, and thought that someone who was still looking for a venue may be interested in this. How neat would it be to have your reception on a covered bridge?

Hope someone finds this useful...or at least pretty to look at. :-D

Seriously in need of some help...

Okay, so, I've been lurking here for quite a while, and I've got to the point where I seriously need to start asking for some help...

Here's my situation. I live in Perth, Western Australia (12 hours ahead of New England). My FH lives in Massachusetts, having moved up there from Tennessee almost a year ago now. Providing my visa comes through in time, I'll be moving up there in September and we'll be getting married on 10 October 2009.

We're trying to keep things DIY and/or fairly low key, since we don't want to have to blow a whole load of money if we need to push the dates back and re-book everything. However, trying to plan everything is proving so difficult as I'm on the other side of the world and he's not exactly familiar with the area.

So! I need help/suggestions/advice about the following:
  • Finding/booking a park for our ceremony. We've booked a reception venue in Lexington, and are hoping to find a park in either Lexington or around Lincoln/Concord for the ceremony. Or pretty much anywhere around those areas. The difficulty we're having is finding somewhere that allows us to play amplified music. Any ideas?
  • Florists. Can anyone please recommend someone? I originally planned on making our own bouquets, but given the short time frame between arriving and the wedding, I think I'm best off getting someone to do these, otherwise I'll be a complete basket case by the time the big day rolls around. I'm not quite sure the best way to go about organising flowers from over here. Will florists accept photographs of something similar to what I want? Or should I visit a florist here to work out exactly what I want and then pass on the list to a florist there? :o
  • Hair & Makeup With this one, I know what I want, I just need some suggestions/recommendations, please!

Thanks so much in advance! I'm feeling better for asking already...

Massachusetts Marriage License Fees

So, in MA you can obtain a marriage license from ANY city/town clerk, it doesn't matter where you live or get married (whereas in some states, like RI, you must get a license from the town the wedding is taking place in).

So, I'm doing my research to see what town halls are open late, etc...

And I notice the fee in Boston (where I currently live) is $50 ... OK, in Newton it's $35. Wha?

I call my dad (who's a Reverend and knows lots of useful wedding info) to see if this is normal ... he wasn't home, so I dig further..

Wellesley the fee is $30.

And the Commonwealth's website has no fee listed, just says it can be obtained at any town clerk & links you to sits for all the towns...

So, MA residents on a budget - shop around! :p

DJ Jeff Rockwell

Hi all,

Has anyone in the NE area used DJ Jeff Rockwell or been to a wedding with him? He came highly rated from several of our vendors and we got a great vibe from him on the phone (plus he books far in advance leading me to believe he is popular for good reason). I want to make sure we get a good DJ though and so would love anyone to share their experience!


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RI hairstylist?

 Hey all,

this community has been quiet but I hope we are all still around because I need help!!!

I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding on labor day weekend in Block island RI and we are trying to find a stylist either on the island or someone from the narragansett area that is willing to travel to the island.  The reviews I have read for the few salons on the island aren't stellar and we don't want to take a chance.  Any suggestions RI brides?

Thanks a ton

Boston Bride!

Name: Sarah
Age: 27 (just about)
Wed-day: May 30, 2009
Wed-partner: Nathaniel
Wed-place: Liberty Hotel, Boston, MA
Wedsite: too lazy!
Wed-deets: Mine is just around the corner, but I wanted to let people know you can meld a super-fancy and DIY wedding! My fiance wanted a big party in a fancy place while I wanted something super low-key (he's wishing he listened to me now!). I'm making my dress as are two of my bridesmaids. Our color is varying shades of lilac, so all the girls can have different dresses. I'm cutting lilacs for bouquets the day before and the table decorations are going to be little plants from the garden store in vintage milk glass containers. We ordered invites off etsy.com and I purchased a bridal cocktail hat from the site as well. Since we're getting married in MA, one of our friends is marrying us. One of our friends at MassArt is doing the more formal portraits and another who do party photography is doing the candid shots. Right now is crunch time and the big debate is floral arrangements at the front of the space to delineate us getting married from everyone in the audience. Of course I think they are a waste of money, but he wants them, so we'll see. I'll keep you updated!


NH Bride!

Name:  Amy
Age:  24
Wed-day:  June 5, 2010
Wed-partner:  Andrew
Wed-place:  Castleton Banquet & Conf. Center, Windham, NH
Wedsite: Still working on one
Wed-deets: We have the venue booked, the photographer (Details by DiFranco, Salem NH) booked and the DJ booked. Our colors are purple and orange. We had to compromise, he wanted orange and I wanted pink or purple, so we agreed on orange and purple. The bridesmaids will be wearing a dark purple (see 'Lapis' at Davids Bridal) and the groomsmans will be wearing some sort of orange, probably an orange vest or something.