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Welcome the newbie

Hi, my name is Lina and I'm a newbie at this bride stuff. Here's my intro:

Name: Lina
Age: 30
Wed-day: October-ish
Wed-partner: Andy
Wed-place: Around Boston
Wedsite: still trying to decide on a domain name...
Wed-deets: I'm not sure what those are, but I'll add that this is not an actual wedding, but a reception after an elopement.

I also have a question for you: I'm not in New England right now, so all of this is being planned remotely, but I'm looking for a venue. My needs are:
- wheelchair accessible!
- within 1-2 hours drive from Boston, preferably to the South or West (nearby Cape OK)
- accommodates about 100 people in a single dining room with some room for dancing
- allows me to bring my own catering and booze, doesn't require use of their vendors
- has a sound system where I can plug in an iPod and a microphone
- is within 15-20 minutes of some reasonably-priced hotels
- has parking, hopefully
- is surrounded by something picturesque (but hopefully not a garden since I'm allergic to a lot of flowers)

I would prefer not to book a hotel or a restaurant since they tend to have their own catering. I was kind of hoping for something original, like a library, gallery or a museum, but I haven't lived in the area in a while and I don't know what's available.


Feb. 24th, 2009

 We haven't had too much activity in here lately, come on new england brides hehe.

Anyways quick entry and a few rec's

I finally chose my florist and am very happy.  I met with Lisa at Nunans in georgetown last weekend and she was fab, she made great suggestions, pulled out some gorgeous flowers for me, a great quote and she sent me home with a gorgeous bouquet.  And a few days later its still looking great.

www.nunans.com  the website doesn't have much but they do really nice work

I'm still meeting with a few more bakers this weekend, but I went for a cake tasting at Dessertworks in norwood this last weekend, and NOM NOM NOM it was soooooo good.  We fell in love with the dulce de leche cake, and Emily the designer there was so great.  She brought us coffee and huge slices of cake to try and let us go to town, she packed up the rest to take home and sent me home with an adorable frosted pink heart sugar cookie haha.  I was a little skeptical only because Norwood is on the south shore (where we live) and we are getting married on the north shore.  So I thought the delivery should be kinda expensive, but she would only charge us 92.50 which isnt bad seeing Jennys Cakes in amesbury was gonna charge us 50 to go a few towns over.  So we haven't made a final decision yet, but so far Dessertworks is our top contender.  This weekend we are meeting with heather from www.diamondbakingco.com  and with andover cakes.
And then we will make our final decision.  So if you are still looking for a cake, check out www.dessertworks.net 

So how are all you ladies doing, making progress?

Lets keep ne_weddings alive!


Bridesmaid dress question

I have a question for all you New England brides out there, especially those who are in Massachusetts. My bridesmaids and I are about ready to start their dress shopping. At least two of the four bridesmaids are plus-sized, and I want to make sure that they're all treated right and are comfortable with wherever we go. So does anyone out there have any recommendations for good bridal salons to go to for bridesmaid dresses? Extra points if they're more in the central MA area, but anywhere in the eastern part of MA or even NH is good. I'm not sure if we'll hit David's, I have one who likes them but one who hates them, so other recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


Also I never filled out the survey thing Read more...Collapse )

Flowers & cupcakes

I'm looking for florists and bakers, specifically cupcakes.

Who do you know, who do you love?

Hey everyone!

 So! First of all i'm not sure if this is allowed in this community but I can remove it if not :)  I am a student photographer at New England School of Photography.  I'm currently taking a wedding marketing class and for part of my final (which is ten weeks from now, but better to worry about this now..)  I will need to have ten images.  They dont necessarily have to be at a wedding but they have to seem like it, so I was wondering if there was any brides to be or recently married ladies or men out there who would like to do a free session- either a trash the dress type thing, or a fashion-wedding kinda thing, pretty much anything. Did your photographer miss a shot? we could do that! haha.  I am in no way trying to advertise my services here- more like, asking for help, and you can get some really cool images out of it!  Thanks guys!



Thank you to everyone for all the amazing suggestions on wedding venues.  I researched my heart out and am (hopefully) seeing my last venue tomorrow.  I loved Harrington Farm and Saphire Estate.  I was disappointed at most of the estates because they could hold 130 people, but everyone would be divided into three or more rooms.  They were gorgeous and great to imagine a life much grander than mine, but not suited for my wedding.  Saphire is everything I want, but just enough out of my budget.  I am looking at the Hawthorne Hotel tomorrow night and hope I love it as much in person.  Has anyone checked it out?  What did you like or not like?  If all goes well, it will come down to country elegance vs. classic elegance. 

I've also decided that once I see Hawthorne and go dress shopping this weekend, I need to take a break from wedding planning until after the holidays.  I am visiting my grandparents in Florida between Christmas and New Year's and will hopefully get to discuss a few exciting things like budget and name changes.  Until I can sit down with them and budget, I won't be able to make any final decisions so I might as well stop driving myself crazy.

I have asked my fiance to take my mother's maiden name with me so we will both change our last names to a new name.  My mother passed away a few years ago so it's a way to honor her and something I've wanted to do for myself since she died.  I am a stubborn feminist, so I have always refused to take my FH's name.  I think it's a good compromise and a way to have our whole family share one name.  His mother and I also have the same first name, so having the same full name would be...awkward...to say the least.  And for the 18 billionth reason why it's an awesome idea...neither one of us have had our father's in our lives, so it's a way to separate from them.   My mother's maiden name is Wells and that name just rocks.

That's a lot of updating!  Thanks for reading!
 Are there any laws about announcing your engagement in MA?  I heard from someone that you have to announce it in a newspaper before you get a marriage license, but my mother thinks thats rediculous.  We literally just had an argument about it, and while I don't know if its true or not she was just adamant that it was not and that shes right haha.  It drives me crazy.  But I was wondering if any of you in here could clear it up

So do you have to announce the engagement formally before obtaining a marriage license?  Or is that not true?


Newly engaged...

Name: Kathleen
Age: 25
Wed-day: Tentatively January 16, 2010
Wed-partner: Jim
Wed-place: Not set yet. I'm looking at estates and barns. Nothing with "hotel" or "club" in the name. Top favs without actually looking at the site are The Endicott Estate in Dedham, Ma and Harrington Farms in Princeton, MA. Any reviews/suggestions are welcomed!
Wedsite: Not created yet. Just got engaged yesterday!
Wed-deets: Just in the early stages of planning, but I'm going for simple elegance. I'm excited for a winter wedding since I LOVE the winter and snow. Got Jim's approval when I said I wanted blue (deep, dark blues and lighter icy blues) to be the main color. If I could match the color of his eyes, I would (how sappy), but I don't think those machines at home improvement stores are made for that. Silver will be the accent color, with some natural browns thrown in. I definitely want tree branch-looking center pieces. We'll see where the planning process takes me!


My fiance and I just got online to book our honeymoon in maine and realized neither of us bookmarked the site. no problem right? we'll just google again. Yeah..we've both been using all our google skills for the past 2 hours and still can't find the place we loved so much. It's as if it never existed. If someone could help us find it I'd be forever indebted. Here's what we remember, it was a bunch of seperate buildings,  not a B&B or big house type Inn.  You rented a whole cottage thing. It was located on some sort of water. The rooms had rain showers, jacuzzi tubs, fireplaces and nice tvs. There was a spa on the premises. It was fairly expensive. I think it was sorta near Bar Harbor but I wouldn't swear to that. Does anyone have any idea where I'm talking about? *fingers crossed* Thanks in advance!

bridal shop rec

Ma brides!! Amari bridal in franklin is awesome. I went tonite to try on some dresses, and while I didnt find one, I had a great experience. They are super nice and very helpful. The owner Kate is a doll. She was helping my friend and I, lace up, grab dresses you name it. She was super helpful. Even if I find my dress somewhere else, I might order it thru Amari just because I think they were so wonderful.

Go check them out!